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Intake Admission

SMVTI offer 6 months, full-time, competency training for Myanmar youth who have completed secondary school education.  

​SMVTI offer following competency training. 

​​1) Front Office Operations
2) Housekeeping Operations
3) Restaurant Operations
4) Retail Operations
5) Electronics (Computer Networking)
6) Electrical Technology
7) Residential Air-Conditioning
8) Building Fixtures and Equipment
9) General Welding
10) Mechatronics (Basic Services)

​Who can apply for SMVTI training?  

​Myanmar citizen who passed the matriculation exam (high school graduates) are eligible to apply. Those who graduated from GTHS and who having IGCSE qualification can also apply.

When can apply? When is admission open time?
​There are two intakes annually in May and November. Admission opens twice annually in February and August. During the admission period, lecturers provide course counseling to help applicants to be able to choose the right training course. Admission announcement can be seen on government newspapers (New light of Myanmar, Mirror).  

What are the requirements for the application?  

Applicant must present the following document.​

  1. Matriculation exam result (Copy & Original to prove)
  2. Matriculation exam mark list (Copy & Original to prove)