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Restaurant Operations (RSO)

This Certificate in Restaurant Operations course provides students with the skills and knowledge to carry out the operations in a restaurant so as to ensure the efficient delivery of quality service to guests.

Module 1: Effective Communication Skills

On completion of the unit, students will be equipped with skills to communicate effectively, handle both oral and written communication required at the workplace at a functional level and apply communicative skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in the workplace as well as in social and cross-cultural settings.

Module 2: Service Quality

On completion of the unit students should be able to cultivate customer rapport, manage their needs and expectations and handle service recovery.

Module 3: Introduction to F&B Industry

Students are introduced to the F&B industry and the various staff functions. They are trained to manage staff, maintain health and safety, food safety and hygiene and handle accidents and emergency situations.

Module 4: Food & Beverage Service Preparation

Students are trained to perform pre-service activities such as fold napkins, clean and polish service equipment, replenish F&B supplies and set up dining tables so as to get the service areas ready for receiving and serving guests.

Module 5: Basic Restaurant Service

Students are trained to take reservations, carry out hosting functions, handle full-house situations, take and serve orders, change table setting and clear finished courses and table at end of service.